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I write to testify to the glory of God. God is faithful. I got married may 2012 and as at oct. 2012, we were divorced. I was lucky to come out alive. Filled with depression and shame, i had to relocate from town.
My God who never sleep and who see the heart of man came to my rescue. A friend who barely know me, I told him my story and came to my aid. He is in the air force and was to be sent out of town on 5 months course, he gave me his place to stay, look for a job and in time get my own place.

Sir, I came to Benin with just a travelling bag, with NO JOB and NO MONEY. I started drinking heavily, I get drunk and cry myself to sleep everynight. Everytime, thought of committing suicide come to mind but a voice kept telling me "As long as God is on the throne, there is HOPE". Thus these words kept me going.

On the 2nd sunday of Nov. 2012, I attended my first service in House on the Rock, Benin. I tell you pastor, I felt the presence of God and on that day, my turn around stated. By the 3rd sunday of Jan. 2013, during the service, i silently asked God to give me a job stating ( God does not like a lazy man) thus i want to work. 2 weeks later i got a job. I was paid N27,000 (BSc degree) but it felt like a million to me and I could smile again. 2 months later I got my own apartment, still by the favour of God, I can't even explain how. I never miss my tithe and favour from all angle located me. God has always kept his word Malachi 3;10. Sir, within a year, I got 2 jobs offer and i'm now currently receiving N70,000 in my new place of work. Hallelujah!!!!

Sir, I shed tears of joy when I remember where I was and where I am now. It is indeed the hand work of God. God is faithful
Praise the LORD!!!!

Yours Fathfully,
Miss Eloho