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The Lisa I Married Pt. 7

A tribute to the most amazing wife on earth (Pst. Lisa) written often during. Her birthday or our wedding anniversary. Now this is the 6th part and Lisa has remained my Lisa.

I use to consult Bible for the definition of a virtuous woman but since Lisa became my wife I saw the practicality embedded in a personality of what Bible defines a virtuous woman to be.

Other women will be stupid, childish and immature enough to discuss their husband with their friends, but Not Lisa! NEVER!!

Other women make coming home a second thought for their husbands, but Lisa makes coming home the only thought for me. A stay away from Lisa for long, I feel sick, lonely and empty. Oh Lisa My Lisa!

In 6yrs you have remained awesome, amazing, supportive, caring, loving and my greatest muse cum source of encouragement. Your price is far above Rubies!

In 6yrs Lisa God has helped me because of you. Remember when we started, then Peniel manifested and she came super beautiful. Ah Lisa you gave me a beautiful daughter. Then again Jahdiel, that one? Coordination and administration came with her as a gift. She's not even Two yet and she's super composed. Lisa you gave me another beauty to behold in Jahdiel.

Remember our agreement during courtship that our marriage will help, restore and influence other marriages positively either directly or otherwise. Lisa, I got a call recently to that effect inclusive of numerous signs and wonders in that direction. We said that our marriage will also be a source of inspiration for other people who want to get married. Lisa, my bestman and the chairperson of our committee met themselves planning our wedding and now they are married with children. #GodIsFaithful!

Lisa do you know that a young boy that just got admission during our wedding came for our wedding and in the course of the wedding made a vow that in 6yrs time he too will be a married man. Lisa this year is 6yrs for the young man and I am already booked for his wedding in April.

Lisa my Lisa before I draw the cotton, I must ask you one question ooo. How are you putting up with me self? You know how troublesome, difficult and 'wahalicious' I can be. People outside think that I am an angel but it's you that knows the other part of me yet you accommodate me, love me even when I should not be loved and forgives me whenever my wahala starts?! Haa! I am blessed ooooo! God's greatest display of Love to me after giving me Christ His Son is in giving me Lisa My Wife!

Lisa! okwa gi? M ga esi otua, jiri ihunaya were mee gi ihe n'uwa!

Li Nwa! Thank you for saying yes!
That YES is the best Yes I have ever received in my life. Lisa if the world says NO to me and you say YES that's all that I need oooo!

Lisa! Just cheru aka horu'm. Okwa n'uwa, Iga hu ihe!

Lisa Jehovah Onye esunine nke ndi aha Gozie gi, chebe gi, gbuchie gi, hobuga gi na anya oke!

Lisa, When sisters turned me down, you turned me on, switched me on, pushed me up and I began to shine!
Lisa my Lisa! Li-Nwa I love loving you! At old age we will still be catching our fun. When Peniel, Jahdiel and Bethel are all gone we'll still be rocking our world and watching our children rule theirs too.

Li-Nwa after we please God here on earth, we will go and meet Him in heaven and maybe because of us, He might change His mind and allow us to continue as husband and wife in Heaven (Just kidding oooo! There is no marriage in Heaven)! Li-Nwa since marriage ends here on earth we go rock am! Make we rock am! And make the name of the Lord be glorified.

As I end my 6th edition tribute to my wife "The Lisa I married", I want to honour our marriage mentors that have been watching over us ever since.
1. Rev. Edwin & Sonia Biayeibo
2. Rev. Amb. Don Odunze
3. Pastor Praise Fowowe
4. Dr. & Barr. Mrs. Vic & May Victor

Truly when #GodIsAwesome Marries #GodIsFaithful then God is at the centre of that marriage. Thank you for marrying me Pastor Nnamdi Lisa (Co-Pastor HOUSE ON THE ROCK, Edo State) @Pst_lisa

Sign: @PstIyke