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The 3 Essentials


By Pst. Iyke

We all know how important essential commodities are, but the things we know as essential commodities should not be limited only to things visible but also invisible or intangible things.

The three essentials I am passionate about, are not visible things, but if you don't think about them and prioritize them as things to consciously guide your attitude and conduct, you may find yourself missing out on progress in life.

Here are the essentials

A man who is not depending on anything cannot have stability in life!

What you depend on determines what kind of man you are.

What is worse though, is to live life without depending on anything.

Life is not designed that way.

In creation, God brought about source(s) before bringing about products.

For instance, before He made the fishes, He first made the sea.
Before He made the plants, He first made the soil.

If a product shows up without the source, that product cannot be sustained.

As useless as a plant is without a soil, that is how useless a life is without dependence.


If products depend on their source(s) to succeed, life must depend on God to succeed.

Friends, depending on God is essential!!!

Now, the article looks paradoxically confusing because one would wonder, if dependence is essential, why or how is independence also essential?

Well, the dependence we looked at, though points to God, but also accommodates man in the sense that as we all depend on God, we should all depend on one another.

The only challenge though is that depending on men has its limitations but depending on God is limitless.

You cannot depend on men forever.

Life is not created that way.

It's only God who is constant and as a result we can trust Him.

The word constant means FAITHFUL.

My question now is, HOW do you intend depending on men who are never constant?

Men who can make you a promise today and break it same day?

Men who are limited by space, resources, capacity and time?

My children now depend on me and my wife, but what kind of parents would we be if we want them to depend on us forever?!!

Here is my point;

At a particular level of maturity, competence and capacity, one is expected to gain independence but until that level is achieved, dependence is non-negotiable.

Without independence there can never be ownership and God created all of us to have our own someday.


“If you are faithful in another man's, then you qualify to own yours.” (Luke16:12)


Ownership is made possible only by independence. A man who is owned cannot own anything!

Notice therefore that the scriptures encourage stewardship and apprenticeship, but same scriptures say that “after every seven years there should be a release.” (Deuteronomy 15:1)


So that the person who is depending on, and the person that is being depended on, should know that God expects and sets a release time in view.

Anything that makes it difficult for you to release those who depend on you at the time they have come of age to be released, makes you a slave master.

God never created life to be dominated or subjugated.

The Dominion mandate is not inclusive of human beings.

Nowhere did the Bible encourage that people be dominated.

People come under you to learn, grow, mature and be released with a blessing.

That is what God expects and that is how to multiply the kingdom.

Take Jesus for instance, He took on twelve apostles, taught them, grew them, matured them and released them and the gospel went viral.


Your legacy can never go viral as a slave master but as a teacher who watches his pupils graduate to college and to university and to influential people in the society.

For my son to be greater than me is a blessing, but that my son must realize that independence is essential to his becoming a world player.

Risk occurs when that my son thinks he cannot do without me or anybody.

Never use your independence to prove a point or show off that you have arrived and that you can make it without the help of anybody.

How naïve are you to think you made it without the help of people.


Was it not help when the midwife carefully pulled you out from your mother's matrix?

Was it not help that your mother offered you by painstakingly 'nannying' you to maturity?

You think it wasn't help your teachers offered you when they taught you both at college and university level?

Don't you know that the pilot or driver offered you help when he was careful not to crash the car or airplane?

You are a product of help everywhere you turn so quit being childish by thinking you don't need help.


The person you are trying to prove a point to now, probably helped you to arrive where you are now in life.


Even if you think he or she hates or hated you, that hatred is the help that is pushing you to greatness.

Why didn't Joseph kill his brothers when he had a chance as a revenge to what they did to him and how they planned to kill him?
But what did he do?

He forgave them, accommodated them and made a profound statement that God brought me here to preserve your lives. (Genesis 45:7)

Listen guys, don't write anybody off, don't lock anybody out and conclude on them.


Life rotates and can throw up to prominence somebody you thought had hit the bottom.

We need each other!

That you are not relevant to me today doesn't mean you are irrelevant.

God forbid for me to hate in such a way that I refuse to render help when my so called enemy is in trouble and needing help.

It does not matter what people have done against you, you will always need people so you can't write people off!

Life is so interdependent in such a way that a father who the son depended on today will depend on the son tomorrow.


At my 80, 90,100 years of age, I will depend so much on my children, not as a nuisance but as one who has aged and might not be able to do much.

What does that tell you?

It tells me that DEPENDENCE is a seed you reap at INTER-DEPENDENCE and it's INDEPENDENCE that waters that seed.


I am done writing, hoping it made sense to somebody, but this article is subject to critical, broader and analytical reasoning and discussion. Kindly drop a comment and lend your own voice. Remember also to like and share so that your friends can read and participate.

God bless you!