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The Shofar (The Blast that opens the Heavens)

The shofer is a jewish instrument most often made from a ram's horn, though it can also be made from the horn of a sheep or goat. it makes a trumpet-like sound and is the traditionally blown on ROSH HASHANAH, The Jewish New year (bear in mind that we are spiritual Jews).

In terms of its Jwesih history, the shofar is often mentioned in the tanach, Talmud and in Rabbinic literature. It was used to announce the start of holidays, in processions and even to mark the start of a war. (Joshua 6: 2 - 5) In That scripture Shofarot (plural of shofar) were used as part of a battle plan to capture the city of Jericho. According to the story, Joshua followed God's commandments to the letter and the walls of Jericho fell, allowing them to capture the city.

During the times of the first and second temple, shofarot were also used along with trumpets to mark important occasions and ceremonies. Today the shofarot is most commonly used on the Jewish New Year, called ROSH HASANNAH which means HEAD OF THE YEAR. In fact, the shofar is such an important part of this holiday that another name for ROSH HASHANAH is Yom Teruah, which means "day of the shofar blast"

According to the famous Jewish philosopher Maimonides, the sound of the shofar on ROSH HASHANAH is meant to wake up soul and turn its attenion to the important task of repentance (teshuvah). It is a commandment to blow the shofar on ROSH HASHANAH and there are four specific shofar blasts associated with this holiday:
1. TEKI'AH_An unbroken blast lasting about three seconds
2. SHVA'RIM_A teki'ah broken into three segments (We used this on the 1st to usher in our year of shining)
3. TERUAH_ Nine rapid fire blasts.
4. TEKIAH GEDOLAH_ A triple teki;ah lasting at least nine seconds, though many shofar blowers will attempt to go significantly longer, which the audience loves.

Finally I want to honor the STATE OF ISRAEL (Ministry of Tourism) for making me one of their numerous TOURISM GOODWILL AMBASSADOR. Much Love and Blessings to Stas Misezhnikov (The Honorable Minister of Tourism) and Tokea Eruohi Bishop who blew the shofar on the 1st of Jan. 2014.
Please note that TOKEA literally means "BLASTER" and whoever blows the shofar is called a Tokea.

I would love to recommend that the shofar is blown every first day of the year being the Rosh HaShanah in churches, families and cities.

God Bless You & HAPPY 2014, HAPPY SHINING! YouShine!!!
Written by Amb. Iyke Samuel - Tzalinit