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"As much as possible get rid of anger because anger depresses you not the one you are angry with."


"Forgiveness is a decision that is sweeter when acted on and it delivers from Anger which is just one word short of Danger."


"SORRY, a 5 letter word that can advert war, genocide, murder and every horrible possibilities. Not saying it most times is not that it's as long as a sentence, but that another 5 letter word contends with it called PRIDE."


"Compromise no matter how bad it sounds can come highly recommended when you are dealing with marital bliss. If you end up with a proud partner who will never compromise for the sake of peace, then you'll appreciate how helpful compromise could be."


"Forgiveness is like a mould that the goldsmith uses. The mould determines the shape of the pendant. Your heart determines the shape of your forgiveness. Humble heart beautiful pendant. Proud heart ugly pendant."


"Unforgiveness actually can be legitimate, but it will be, on the basis of God holding something against you. If God does not hold anything against you, you have no moral or legal right to hold something against anybody."


"When going to church becomes a delight, then God regards you as interested in His house. Zion is both a place and a people, when zions gather in a location indeed no force can stop such synergy. Any excuse not to go to church is an excuse never to be obeyed."


"Who says giving does not provoke attention? I've noticed that men use giving to attract the attention of women. It's foolishness however to provoke human attention with giving and be stingy towards divinity. Ask King Solomon, even God's attention he provoked by a thousand burnt offering. Be wise! Be Generous towards God!"


"Giving attractions both human and divine attention. For women men use it but for God they play smart. The smartness that makes you stingy towards God is actually foolishness. Ask King Solomon, even God's attention he provoked by a thousand burnt offering. Be wise! Be Generous towards God!"


"Honour to those that have gone ahead is a strong desire that you want to go ahead and whatever you honour you qualify to enjoy. Never laugh at the old, if you want to live to be old. Never sit while the elderly is standing unless you don't want to be called an elder." HONOUR!


"Beauty is not in the eyes of the beholder. No matter how long you behold a beautiful lady who feels ugly, you cannot force beauty out of her; but if you behold an ugly lady who feels beautiful, you'll be shocked to see beauty in her. Beauty actually is in the eyes of the beheld.

Simply put, beauty is not about how you look, but how you feel. Your looks can't change your feelings, but your feelings can change your looks. Out can't change IN, but IN changes out."

(Where are my bible scholars at? Put a scripture on this).


"Attention breeds understanding. We don't understand one another simply because we don't pay attention to each other. The connection therefore is from #INTEREST to #ATTENTION and then to #UNDERSTANDING. If only couples could know this, misunderstanding will fizzle out."


"Prosperity is like water that will always find its own level. Blocking water won't stagnate it, it will always find a way. Blocking prosperity with a poverty mentality won't stagnate it. What happens is that it finds a way out of your life into the life of another."


"There are other professionals in the hospital, but general belief is that a visit to the hospital is to see the doctor. A greater doctor is in the church(es); not going to see Him is an indication that you want to die in your condition."


"It's foolishness to refuse the management of a man who suspends the heavens without any pillars. If God holds this world together and you refuse Him to hold you; you will keep falling apart into pieces."


"For love of money people manipulate and for manipulation they lose credibility. When through lack of credibility and integrity you shut all your doors, how then do you intend to get the money?

Losing credibility with men might not really matter, but unfortunately many have lost credibility with God. For many times they have promised to pay their tithe if God blesses them and for all those times they've disappointed. Now, even God can't trust them again."


"Excitement without enlightenment is the postponement of your deliverance."


"One of the signs of relevance is that you are missed when you are not around. When people say thank God when you are gone and wish you stay some more where you went to, then you need to upgrade your relevance level."


"In Tampa it's 12midnight, in Lagos it's 5am. If 5am is a miracle what that means is that the person in Tampa must never envy the person in Lagos because before he wakes up from his own sleep to his 5am, his miracle will be right there waiting for him. Life is turn by turn and as long as the earth continues to rotate what got to others will get to you. #Waitforyourturn!


"I don't think I see any wisdom using a hammer on the head of the one who came to you complaining of headache. The word is GRACIOUSNESS, it heals faster than any pain reliever."


"Experiencing stagnation as a result of absence is a sure sign of failure. True success is seen in having many successors. If the disciples of Jesus changed the world, mine are revolutionaries."


"Jesus is the greatest physician ever! the awesome doctor in Zion. Other doctors treat, but He heals. His consultancy room or hospital is the church. Wisdom demands that you keep the appointment." Have a nice sunday.


"Until forgiveness becomes a constant, depression will be constant."


"Becoming a restorer comes from being restored, ability to heal comes from being healed; you can help only when you've been helped. When you make stuff happen to others that has not happened to you, what profit is there? #PhysicianHealYourself! #InstructionToInstructors. Happy New Week! Expect good news this week!


"It is an amazing expectation that is desired, but when compromised afore hand, it ruins the night. As much as possible, wait so as to make the night worth it." #AbstainTillYouObtain #DontEatDinnerAsBreakfast!


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